2 May
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My Tryst with Golf

How does a premier golf tournament come across for a spectator who hardly knows the ABC of golf? Well, the series of games comes across as an exciting bouquet of inter-related events. Game after game, you begin to revel in your increasing proximities with golf. It doesn't take rocket science to understand what's going on in a typical golf game. The golfer swings his club, not necessarily hard but with a measured sense of power for sure. The intent is to hit the balls in to a series of holes in as few strokes as possible.

A simplistic technique doesn't make golf any predictable though. You never know the dynamics that might erupt in the next few minutes and make your heart skip a beat. I attended the Delhi NCR Golf Cup 2016 held during 5th April - 8th April at Delhi Golf Club. And the proceedings hardly disappointed. I went in with bouts of curiosity often striking me hard and came out with those pangs satiated. I went in naive and ignorant; I came out suave having learnt some aspects of the game including the rules, the techniques and the significance of the game. I learnt that golf is not just a game but a lifestyle in itself.

I don't doubt the increasing sense of involvement I would have towards the game going forward. Talking of my tournament experience, I found most golfers present to be friendly and often becoming one with the crowd. Here I need to mention a few players I talked to, including the foreign ones - Christof Korth from Germany and Michael Smyth from Scotland calmly answered my thoughtful questions around how to play the game. Aadil Bedi, a junior golfer, gave his valuable time and explained the golf scenario in India and his experience so far.

I didn't realize when and how 3 days passed. It seemed all so quick. I got to spend a few moments with Prakash Bhandari, the President of Delhi Golf Society (DGS). I felt so honoured to have met the man behind this super-successful tournament that has been held for more than 10 years in a row now, attracting local and foreign participation alike.

The scene of the golf course over these 4 days was more than spectacular. I could see the euphoria of golf written all over - be it the entertaining events, the catchy bill-boards, the loud speaker-based announcement system, the sheer excitement of the game itself, the crowd's loud response to every swing and hole and much more.

To conclude I would quote on the game - 'In golf, you go where the ball goes, unless it is holed of course!'

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