31 March
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NCR Cup: Steering golf Ahead in India

With golf being included in the 2016 Olympics, no more is it in India a game of leisure. It's now a full-fledged sporting pursuit that exudes passion and popularity, if not a strictly professional demeanor as yet. Neither is golf restricted to an age group or social segment nor is it a means of pastime with that golf buddy.

The Delhi Golf Society has been organizing the NCR cup for over 10 years now. Year after year, the game has seen unprecedented levels of participation from myriads of golf players. The cup's immense reach and rising popularity can be gauged from the fact that 6 Pakistan nationals and 14 foreign amateur golfers battled it out for the 8th Delhi NCR Cup.

The cup winners are given an opportunity to play in world amateur events, giving them further opportunity for international exposure. The 10th edition winners were Arun Jain, Rajender Kumar, Prakash Chandra and S K Dash, while the 2014 edition was won by Ravi Upadhaya, Parth Sharma, Kamal Goel and Ashok Kumar.

Every year the tournament has witnessed tremendous energy and enthusiasm generated from not just the players, but also the audience and the sponsors alike. Noted Indian golfer, Mr. Shiv Kapur endorses the game as the dark horse of Indian sports. He gracefully accepted the invitation to be the guest of honor at the 10th edition of the NCR Cup and encouraged the golf aspirants, lovers and amateurs to deliver justice to their liking for the sport by pursuing it with utmost passion.

Golf as a game requires both power and precision. To place anticipated power into the shots and to put the ball in to the hole doesn't come easy. In India, the search for true golf talents has begun at large. Sport lovers in India have begun to acknowledge the unique place golf holds as a professional sport. They have begun to give the sport its due through engaging with golf societies, clubs as well as tournaments. The NCR Cup is the premier international tournament held every year in India that holds high the flag mast of the sport.

It is important that golf players and enthusiasts in India network among themselves, as well as attract the attention of the corporate and the government to endorse the sport and thus catapult golf to the scale it truly deserves to be at. The process has in fact begun with a slew of initiatives, the NCR Cup spearheading them by giving the sport a truly global color by returning bigger and better year after year.

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